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its really in the trend to be in the trend. being on facebook, following the favourite star on twitter, keeping in track with the features of the new automobiles and gadgets that are being launched in the market recently are some of tthe trends which are being picked up by today"s generation. and our politicians are have brought some changes in their evergreen trend of playing with the hopes and emotions of the masses and the change is that this time they are doing this through jan lokpal bill.

How many times have we read in the magzines and newspapers that "Anna has gone for fast again"and that "government has called parliamentary session for solving the dispute over implementation of Lokpal Bill"? The committes are being made, session after session are being called, amendment over amendment are being made but still the bill has not become law. Our government doesnot need any parliamentary sessions neither do they want to make amendments for making the bill lawful all they require is to control their thirstof giving a great business to swiss bank and to satisfy their need of making their houses of money instead of bricks and cements. People are going on strike, joining Anna inhis movement, giving their full support, showing their keeness in implementation of the Bill but still Government has not taken any satisfactory action. Doesn't this senerio is proving the statement "Government of the, by the for the people" to be wrong definately "Government is of and by the people but not for the people its for their own benefit only"?

How can we people put so much hopes on Lokpal bills untill we vare ready to bring a change in ourselves. have the implimentations of the traffic rules conformed that their are no road accidents any longer? I don't thinkso. and why is it so? I need not to give the answer for the same as we all are aware of the fact. A person may call himself a true supporter of Anna and may shout slogans and take active part in strikes against corruption but as soon as he will enterb a Government office he would perfer top give the money and get his work done.

This is senerio going on in our country. the Government of india along with supporters of Anna have turned Jan Lokpal Bill into Jan Jokepal Bill. We Indians always try to bring a change by bringing a change in others rather than themselves and this is the point where we lack when compared to other countries. I hope that this time we stop doing the same and the Rajya Sabha passes the Bill on 30 March. 

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Jan Jokepal Bill

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This article was published on 2012/03/21
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