Ending the tale of Hassle Bill Payment

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Admit it. Time nowadays, is running so fast that it is hard for you to run after it sometimes. And it seems like that as every day pass by, time constraints you to other personal stuff you need to accomplish. Billing and of course paying them is one personal and important task most of us are fond of. It is also a sensitive task because money is a thing always needed by everyone. Thus, bills come also with their respective due dates. However, our purse is not always a bucket filled-out with cash that whenever we need to pay for something, it is there and in just a second or two, our bills can be marked ‘PAID’. This is the case for the payee. But how about those who render services and receiving payments? Will they just go with the traditional process of collecting money manually at a specified time on a far, far away place where the payment process is safe from thieves and bad forces—as the saying goes; money is the root of all evils. But how about if the payment process is done, how about the case of the collector, will he take a sack to carry on the collection or a box? What if it rains, or worse a storm came, will the collector let the money sink in with the mud on the flood? Sounds heroic but not so wise. Collection and receiving the payment is not the end of the payment cycle, the payee as well as the collector should also record what was in paid and what was purchased and availed but left unpaid. Other tasks such as the proposals, invoices, statements, late letters, labels and reports are also included. How are you going to tact them out in an updated and organized manner?

Human being, though thought to be created equipped with best life-surviving kit does also have lots of imperfections inside and out. Thus, on a brighter side of the query, anything that is unsustainable can be sustainable and anything that is impossible can be made impossible as long as every factor needed is in a cooperative and positive instance.

  All of the culprits stated, are not culprits unsolutionable. The magic answer to every single piece of the dilemma is the billing software. Billing software automatically and easily handles recurring billing tasks. Recurring billing software comes with complete accounts receivables. It also produces proposals, invoices, statements, late letters, labels, reports and many more.  The billing software can automatically bill monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually at a single touch of a button. It can also be used as tool for automation of recurring billing for answering services, associations, club membership, cable / satellite, cleaning sevices, delivery services, hauling services, insurance, internet service providers, janitorial, lawn, landscape, maid service, media advertising, pager company, pest control, pool service, professional, rental equipment, rental property / real estate, storage, subscription, or any other recurring business. Log on to http://www.lucrativus.com for their different and ready-to-avail billing software for your profession, business and personal matter such as Attorney billing software, legal billing software, software for attorneys, software for lawyers. 


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Ending the tale of Hassle Bill Payment

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This article was published on 2012/05/21